The ‘CareCall’ series of Nurse Call Systems built by renowned NZ-based manufacturer Miracle Electronics offers more than just a nurse call system; it’s a comprehensive communication and alert solution designed to ensure optimal patient wellbeing and maximise staff efficiency. Customised specifically to meet the needs of healthcare facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand, this innovative healthcare solution is a strong contender in facility communication systems, transforming the way healthcare and aged care facilities operate.

With patient safety and wellbeing at the forefront of its design, CareCall makes sure that help is at hand when it is needed, both for both patients and staff. Facilitated through fixed or wireless patient hardware for rock solid reliability and ease of maintenance, CareCall is contemporary and modern, featuring clear and bold design language across a range of touch points. Visual and audible alerts are a staple of the system with expanded feature sets including self-testing call points, two-way voice communication and integration with pagers and mobile devices. This advanced patient call system facilitates faster response times and improved communication between patients and staff members, significantly increasing safety and health outcomes.

Healthcare professionals face immense pressure to deliver high-quality care efficiently, often in stressful, busy and complex situations. CareCall’s advanced EDGE software platform adds task management and reporting functions ensuring staff can respond promptly to immediate patient needs. The customisable dashboard enhances reporting to spot trends or identify pressure points. Bringing in the power of mobile handsets and real-time alerts empowers nurses and caregivers, keeping them informed and allowing them to focus their time where it is most needed. For instance, in aged care facilities, where rapid responses can be lifesaving, use of CareCall systems has demonstrated a marked reduction in response times, leading to better patient satisfaction and fewer critical incidents.

CareCall is designed with ease-of-use in mind. The locally built call points allow patients and staff to easily raise an alert from any location. The intuitive touchscreen interface at the nurse station provides staff with all the information they need to respond quickly to calls, optimise workflow and streamline task management. In emergencies, alerts are sent to assigned staff for immediate action.

Powered by advanced EDGE software CareCall is designed for 24/7 operation, with most issues able to be resolved remotely, minimising downtime. It’s self-testing feature allows every smart call point in the facility to be tested automatically, saving time and cost while ensuring reliability. Frontline staff and management can use the comprehensive report generation for informed decision-making improving the overall operation efficiency of healthcare facilities.

CareCall’s practical applications demonstrate its effectiveness across different healthcare settings. In hospitals, the system has been demonstrated to reduce patient wait times and improve overall care quality. Aged care facilities have also seen a significant improvement in response times, leading to better patient outcomes and higher satisfaction rates. In dementia care settings, CareCall’s motion and activity monitoring devices can help detect potential issues early, ensuring timely interventions that can prevent critical situations.

The CareCall system’s versatility extends beyond healthcare and is used across a range of industries including schools, prisons, gyms, hotels, and even superyachts. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for any environment requiring dependable and efficient communication and alert systems. This ease of integration and diverse application highlights CareCall’s potential to transform healthcare delivery and beyond.

Miracle Electronics distinguishes itself with over 30 years of industry excellence, driven by consistent commitment to quality and innovation. As a proud NZ-manufactured product, CareCall systems offers reliable, cost-effective and flexible solutions tailored to the needs of healthcare facilities. The company’s nationwide network of resellers and support options ensures that clients receive the best possible service and experience. CareCall’s near endless integration solutions make it a game-changer in various healthcare scenarios.

Organisations that use Miracle CareCall systems include Wellington Regional Hospital, Hutt Valley Hospital, Christchurch Women’s Hospital, NZ Blood Service, Fertility Associates, Boulcott Hospital, and many others. To discover how CareCall can benefit your facility, visit or contact Miracle Electronics today.