Miracle Electronics is a boutique company with a big heart. Over three decades, we’ve navigated challenges, celebrated milestones, and developed a team culture grounded in collaboration and innovation. From pioneering the CareCall system and expanding into major hospital projects to our ongoing commitment to community and corporate responsibility, we continue to push the boundaries of healthcare communications. Join us as we reflect on our journey, highlight key milestones, and explore the values that define our incredible team.

Founded in 1990 by David Burger, Miracle Electronics emerged from adversity with a vision to innovate and excel in Nurse Call hardware and software systems. This ‘from the ashes’ story began when the preceding company faced liquidation, prompting the need for a true miracle to right the course. ‘Miracle Electronics’ was formed, and over the next 30 years, has stayed true to its namesake.

Early milestones included the development of the CareCall system in 1990, a groundbreaking leap for the aged care market. This fully electronic system was not only easy to install but also significantly enhanced functionality, swiftly becoming the standard across New Zealand and establishing Miracle Electronics as a leader in healthcare communications.

The next decade marked a significant chapter for Miracle Electronics, with a move to new, spacious premises that provided the ideal environment to innovate and evolve. Building on the success of its predecessor, CareCall 2 was launched, with expanded capabilities to meet growing demands of DHB hospitals, aged care facilities and retirement villages.

By 2001, Miracle Electronics had established its reputation for customer-centric innovation through bespoke solutions for the Nelson Hospital Board. This project marked significant growth, culminating in the release of CareCall 3. The system’s integration into major hospital projects such as Christchurch Women’s Hospital and Wellington’s New Regional Hospital showcased Miracle’s capacity to deliver sophisticated, reliable solutions on a large scale.

With each installation, we refine our systems to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers, setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation. “At Miracle, we value diversity of thought and celebrate different perspectives. It’s what drives our creativity and fuels our success,” says Tony Humphries, General Manager at Miracle Electronics, emphasising our commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering solutions that exceed expectations. “The environment here is dynamic yet nurturing. We encourage each other to learn, adapt, and innovate every day,” he adds, reflecting on our culture of continuous improvement and supportive teamwork.

In January 2018, Miracle Electronics Australia PTY Ltd was born operating in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, further extending our reach and impact. Today, across both New Zealand and Australia, we are proud to offer a variety of wired and wireless options and the capability to integrate with other vendor’s equipment such as fire, security, building management systems and cloud monitoring facilities, enabling customers to build solutions for many types of situations.

Throughout its growth, Miracle Electronics has upheld a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. This foundation is embedded in our daily practices, from regular huddles that reinforce our core values to monthly awards celebrating exceptional contributions from our team. Our commitment extends beyond business; we actively support community initiatives like Little Miracles, Relay for Life and Diabetes Youth Health Line reflecting our big-hearted approach to corporate responsibility.

Here are some fundamental aspects that define us:

Big-Hearted: We care deeply about our team, customers, and community. Evident in our numerous charitable initiatives, such as our partnership with Little Miracles, an organisation supporting premature babies across New Zealand and we participate in Relay for Life, raising funds for cancer research, a cause close to many of our hearts. We also fund the freephone number for Diabetes Youth Health Line, enabling the younger generation who seek help with managing their diabetes.

Better Together: We believe in the power of collaboration. Our team events, from board game afternoons to annual bowling competitions, help strengthen our bonds and foster a supportive work environment. These activities ensure that everyone feels like part of the Miracle Electronics family.

Innovative Spirit: Innovation is at the core of our business. We encourage our team to think outside the box, take risks, and learn from their mistakes. This culture of innovation ensures that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements and continuously deliver top-notch solutions to our clients.

With these core values and a forward-thinking approach, we actively explore new technologies and partnerships to drive future growth and expand our impact. Our vision extends beyond technological advancements; we aim to nurture a culture where creativity thrives, and our commitment to community and corporate responsibility remain at the forefront.

As we look to the future, Miracle Electronics is positioned for even greater achievements. With a dedicated team committed to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, we are excited about the opportunities ahead. Whether you join us as a reseller, customer, or team member, we invite you to be part of our journey as we continue to make miracles happen.


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